The Flyghters

Creative Visioners

Our Mission:

Art and sport bear an incredible potential to tell and shape history, carry on traditions and influence culture. With our shows, we aim to spread joy, wake emotions and inspire thoughts and discussions. Everything we do is dedicated to a specific political, social, or historical cause. At Flyghters we combine sports, art, and engagement. 


Jeroen is a sportive multi talent. Having experience in many different sports makes him versatile and enables him to understand transferable concepts between different disciplines. He started to practice Taekwondo in early childhood and later gained an interest in handball which he played semi-professionally for 9 years. Afterward, he went back to martial arts, this time kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Moving to Dresden, Germany for his studies, he was taken to a cheer practice and somehow got stuck there. The combination of balance, strength, and performance fascinated him. After meeting Lilith at the cheer gym, they started to explore partner acrobatics, circus, and dance. Jeroen took this chance to explore the full scale of his curiosity, researching for inspiration, techniques, and new skills. The same drive taught him coding, photography, and cutting what he loves to do when taking a break from physical practice. Above that, he is a passionate educator and loves sharing his experience and knowledge with others. Starting as a handball referee early on, he made his way to becoming a trainer for Rock’n’Roll acrobatics, giving coaching and workshops to all different age groups.


“I had already tumbled when I was in the belly of my mother” and “I like more to walk on my hands than on my feet” are just two quotes you often hear from Lilith. She is a movement-lover and never loses her motivation and energy. She has been practicing gymnastics for 20 years starting in her early childhood. Additionally, she has taken classes in Figure Skating and is a passionate dancer in ballet, Hip-Hop, modern, jazz, tap and musical theatre dance. What she loves most is being thrown in the air, doing some flips, and landing safely. Training acrobatics with Jeroen, she can not only do that but additionally, enjoys the awesome view from up top when doing cheer stunting. As she performs stretches, scorpions, arabesques, and bow-and-arrows at great heights. Besides flying or standing in the air, Lilith loves to choreograph shows and combine music, dance, and acrobatics. Being an actor and writer from early childhood, she is aware of the power of storytelling and loves to combine her fantasy with physical movements. Finishing her education in Jazz Voice she is also a passionate singer and likes to combine singing, acrobatics and improvisation.

Lilith is not only a dedicated artist but also has gained a lot of experience in teaching. Starting as a gymnastics coach in 2015 she has successfully completed a circus youth trainer, gymnastics as well as Rock’n’Roll trainer coaching licence. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping others to perfect their craft at whatever age and skill level.